Friday, 2 March 2012

Bye Bye Rudolf!

A somewhat unrelated post, but not entirely...

If you have ever seen me without make-up, you have probably assumed I either have sunburn, a cold, or an affection for one of Santa's well-known Reindeer, but alas, it is merely Rosacea, and in my case this leads to the ultimate in red-nose-ness.I've been through countless foundations and redness reducing creams, just to either still look cold, or flaky, or like I was wearing a mask.

Finally though, I have found something successful, this little beauty from MAC:

It still requires some serious moisturisation, otherwise flakiness ensues, but it does succeed in making my nose less neon, and more calm.

It does come out of the tube in pink, which is slightly strange at first, seeing as that is precisely what I want to get rid off, but it works a treat, and I now use it on the majority of my face to make my somewhat blotchy complexion more even. I also recommend using either your concealer brush, or a separate sponge (depending on what you prefer), rather than the same brush/sponge used for foundation, to avoid transfer. Also, I have to let it "sink in" for a few moments, to avoid spreading it away from the desired area.

Serious thanks to the MAC Lady who recommended this!


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