Friday, 30 March 2012

Sinning On the Tube

A few times over the last few weeks, I've read that applying your make-up on the tube is one of those big no-nos. I can't exactly remember where I read it, but really, what is the problem? Sure, spraying around perfume, brushing your hair and eating curry in a confined space with strangers is not pleasant for others, but me putting on my make-up? Who exactly am I hurting or disturbing? I'm actually pretty sure I have provided bored Metro readers with something to watch. I dont take up extra space doing it, it doesnt smell, it makes no mess. What is the fuss? The original article said something about the transformation being something that should be secret. The only persons opinion I care about, has seen me without make-up (and smudged make-up for that matter, and he doesn't join me on my tube journeys. So, why exactly is it such a sin to be making good use of the hour (minimum) I spend on the tube every morning. Frankly, I prefer the extra sleep.

Rant over :)


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