Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 26 Outfit 1

Today I have learnt a valuable lesson. If you have a black fringe, with otherwise blonde hair, DO NOT under any circumstances wear your hair up and have said fringe to the side. It will look like you're wearing a rather odd little hat. Hence why I'm not loving the picture of today's first outfit. Not only will  I be changing before the man flesh and I head to the Everlast gig (wooohooo), but I will be quiffing it up. No more hat hair, of this peculiar type.

My little nautically themed outfit (again). Collectif Nicole Denim Swallow Skirt, a stripy vest top, an old New Look cropped cardigan, and my Iron Fist wedges. Of course, I am also wearing my Tatty Devine anchor necklace, and the belt Daddy Sefkerinio gave me.

Now to go and change my hair.



  1. thank you doll :) x

    p.s. loving the word "factoid" amazing!