Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 2

I've never been one to dress weather appropriately, but today I really wish I had. After a wet and cold to hour journey to work (it usually takes under an hour), I was very much regretting rolling up my jeans 3/4 style, and I did actually wear them in the regular fashion on the way home.

But, here is Day 2 of the challenge:

As you can see, I am a) at work and b) somewhat blending into the chaise, which sadly isn't mine :( but I'm working on it!

Again, nothing spectacular, but I like the outfit in a comfy yet wildcat kind of way :) Old new look jeans (and with fat pants, I actually still fit into them), a grey Primark strappy top, a Collectif Leo Cardigan in grey, Schuh Leopard print pumps, and the headband was a present from the man meat (he knows me so well).

Let's hope the next 47 days work out this well (in terms of ease at least, comfort would be great too, but I still have some awkward clothes in the wardrobe).


1 comment:

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