Friday, 13 January 2012

I Love The Smell of New Lipstick In The Morning!

After I finally got my Student Loan last week (yes, yes, dirty students and all that), one of my very first purchases was a Rockalily lipstick, in " Roulette Red". Lo and behold, two sleeps (and many working hours later), and I got a little parcel with my brand new lipstick. 

Exciting times!!

The manboy is still confused as to why I spent a good 5 minutes smelling the lipstick before actually using it, but I really do love the smell of new lipstick in the morning :)

A week or so ago, I did a review of MAC's Ruby Woo lipstick, and as previously mentioned, the main complaint I have heard was the texture, it being too dry and therefore a bit of a nightmare to put on, keep on and wear it comfortably.

Well, no such issue with the Rockalily lipstick. Its incredibly creamy, just like a good ol' shiny liptsick of previous generations, and those not into the matte look, but sets into a lovely matte look, without dryness and without the bittyness Ruby Woo can unfortunately provide.

...and it gets better (no, really, it does) it lasts FOREVER. Ok, maybe not forever, that would be equally impressive as weird, but it lasted literally all day. I can prove it :)

This is my excited face (in case it's not obvious enough) - after numerous cigarettes, many a can of coke and lunch, and the lipstick is still there.

By the time I got home, I did reapply, but I like LOTS of lipstick on the go, but I merely had to top up, as the colour was still visible.

All in all, very impressed, and only one question remains, which colour do I get next, or can I get away with one of each? :)


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Accidental Shopping

I regularly get confused with Old Spitalfields Market. As I work in Collectif in OS Market, I always see the market, when it's on, but I couldn't tell you with too much confidence when what is on.

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to work this morning, and discovered it was Judy's Vintage Fair!

I have to admit, to my great shame, I didn't actually buy anything vintage...but I did buy a mass of vintage inspired things...maybe even too many, but I just couldn't help myself. This does in no way mean there was no vintage bargains to be had, everything from cardigans, leather and fur jackets, to accessories and homewares were available.

I did meet the lovely Cam from Bow and Crossbones, who is utterly fabulous, and filled all available pockets with adorable necklaces and hair clips, today's design of choice was of course my usual nautical themedness, and  Palmtrees (for no apparent reason - other than they were just cute as hell).

Trying to wear as many of my Bow and Crossbones items at once as possible (yeah...there were a few more :)) 

I also managed to get these little beauties:

I'm still trying to find the flyer for the stall that sold these lovelies, it must be somewhere in the depths of my shopping bag.

I, of course, also stopped by to see the lovely ladies at Rockabetty to buy some Sew and Save goodies, always gets me in the mood for sewing and crafting, which is good, seeing as I have now launched Knot Shrewd, or should I say "am launching", currently being sold at Shrewd, mostly vintage repaired and reworked jewellery and soon to come rockabilly accessories. Please do feel free to like, join or follow, more will be uploaded soon.

Enough of my lovey-dovey admiration post for everyone and everything :) More soon x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Ruby Red Xmas

Being a very lucky girl, I didn't just get one Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick, but two!!! Exciting times!

I have read mixed reviews about this lipstick, but I love the colour and the mattness, and simply had to have it. Little did I know I'd receive it twice!

The main problem fellow bloggers, reviewers and vintage gals alike have complained about is the dryness of it. Well, it is dry, and in fairness on not perfectly moisturised lips its not ideal. Far from it. It seems to go a bit "bitty", not how I love my lipstick. But where there is a will, there is a way. Lipliner, non-glossy lipbalm (I use a cheapy Boots one), followed by my dear Ruby Woo, and some Lip Seal, and you are good to go! It may use colour on fags, glasses and such like, but lasts the majority of the day, with the amount of cigarettes and drinks I consume in a day, I expect nothing to last all day, but it lasts much longer than most!

Conclusion: I'm in love (and so so glad I got two, no running out anytime soon!)

The man friend (buyer no 1 of Ruby Woo Xmas Goodness) and I en route to Edinburgh, where we are still stuck, wearing Ruby Woo.