Sunday, 29 April 2012


A few weeks ago, I won a competition run by online shop RetroDec, a first for me in approximately 21 years. Obviously I was excited.

Not as excited as when I found out that the lovely Helen that runs RetroDec wanted to use my picture on her website, and definitely not as excited as when I took a little look at the goodies available. Not that this in any way implies I wasn't hugely excited in the first place!

Helen, who even though we've only spoken via the internet (who can remember a life before?!) I already adore, set up RetroDec herself (I'm always in awe of successful business women) in order to be able to look after her two kids, this being her third. I love the fact she will only stock items she loves, and after having a good old nosey, let me tell you, this lady has some good taste! She now runs RetroDec with the help of a Friday-Night Elvis, also known as Jimmy, her partner, and her two small children, 13 months and 6 years old, in charge of cello tape and operations respectively, no one is a slacker in this family!

Helen gave up a successful interior design career to get her vintage on, and obviously this was a good move! And as Helen herself told me:

"I LOVE RetroDec because I LOVE my customers - they are all so cool and interact with us on Facebook and Twitter! I wish I had started this 10 years ago (...)
A lot of the products are hand made by some really special people (mostly ladies) and its fantastic to work with such talented and genuinely lovely people....and have such great and quirky items."

I of course had to place an order (shocking I know), and this is the adorable Dolly Cool necklace I got, and wore yesterday with my awesome new outfit:

I also got an adorable little stash tin, and inside I found a little sugar skull keyring, this woman already knows me too well :)

But, enough of the Helen-adoring, I do recommend RetroDec highly, the prices are absolutely reasonable,  the selection of items is the right balance between quirky and needed (though in my case I need quirky items too). Payment and delivery is pain-free and fast, and if you have any questions Helen is never further than a tweet/facebook message/email away.

Of course there are some more items I have my eye on...

Go shop!


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rainy Saturday Outfit 2 Of The Day At Circus Fest

I have just returned from a very wet and windy journey home, after visiting Professor Vanessa's Wonder Show, part of Circus Fest held at the Roundhouse in Camden. To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but I had a fab time! The whole show is set around old style sideshows, such as "The Girl in the Fishbowl"(hilarious), "The Butterfly Girl" (weird), "The Mummy" (as Georgia said: "It's not a show until a small child cries") and so forth. These side shows were placed around a centre stage, which had regular acts itself, from aerial artists to what can only be described as bug acrobatics. Yes, thats people dressed as bugs being acrobatic. Rather weird, but definitely wonderful!

As I knew I'd be going out tonight, I decided, in my usual post-challenge ways, that I should just buy a new outfit (much to the man flesh's disapproval). So here's the beauty:

Unfortunately, you can't see the true beauty of the skirt (which cost me a fortune I can't REALLY justify), but it has a big black satin bow just below the bum, and some roushing (I'm really not entirely sure thats even a word), leading to a fishtail, which has a very light pink colour on the inside, courtesy of FairyGothmother. This I teamed with a Buttoned Blazer from Collectif, a plain strappy top, some lovely black wedges with pink flowers from Dolly Dare (more on those later), a black bandana, and a Dolly Cool necklace I got from RetroDec, one of my new favourite shops ( post on this also to follow, most likely tomorrow).

I LOVE the skirt!!!


Rainy Saturday Outfit 1

I'm sorry I didnt post yesterday, a well deserved day off, that turned into cleaning all day, nothing that usually requires make up or decent clothes...

As you know, Ive been avoiding my beloved 3/4 lengths due to the awful we're having here in the big smoke, but I could do it no more. Luckily I managed to convince the man flesh to give me a lift to the station, so I was drier than I could've been. Nonetheless, it is a failry simple thrown together outfit, mainly as the lovely Georgia and I are going to Professor Vanessa's Wondershow at the Roundhouse tonight, part of Circus Fest, thus I have done some awesome shopping and acquired some simply AWESOME things. More about that later :)

My red Next 3/4 lengths, the stripey top is also Next, and my Collectif Anchor cardigan.

I look a bit strange and evil, partly due to the awfulness of my camera phone, and also as I havent got my usual eyebrows.I forgot to sharpen my eyebrow pencil, so I had to make do with black eyeliner, which I always did before going blonde, now I seem a bit evil...

Second outfit and review to follow later!!


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Black and White Nautical

Nothing hugely spectacular today, the weather just isn't allowing it. But, ever since the end of The Challenge, I have been exceptional at treating myself... The Tattoo Show was possibly the worst, but at least that shit last forever - value for money, surely (or so I tell myself).

One of the things I treated myself to, is this adorable necklace from Dolly Cool, I just can't resist anything with anchor, and in the 100s of anchor related products I own, I do not have anything similar to this:

Adorable isn't it!

...and what better excuse to wear my Collectif anchor cardigan! (+ M&S 3/4 lengths and a stripy top for good measure). I still have a few things I have treated myself to, or have indeed been treated to by the man flesh, so keep your eyes peeled for more posts!


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Green Times Version 2.0

I love wearing high waisted skirts, and by now it should be obvious how I feel about all things 3/4 length, however, considering the weather I was presented with today however, just no. Nothing could've convinced me to have any shape of leg out and about, or wear pumps which would instantly become soggy. No, no, no. This is where my favourite Road jeans come in, and as I am still in love (and will continue to be) with my new Zombie Squad Jacket, another green, yet reasonably dry outfit had to be created.

The green bandana makes a repeat performance, though tied differently, with my cheap ASDA cardigan I have had for a small lifetime, and one of my awesome new necklaces (it reads "Zombie") the man flesh got me from Kreepsville666 (he is a good one!). I shall endeavour to branch out from green tomorrow, but no promises!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Green Times

Nothing brightens a day quite like receiving a parcel of the retail therapy kind. Today was such a day. After I blogged about the Toxico Zombie Squad Jacket, I just had to have it, so welcome to my green themed outfit for today:

I just couldn't help colour-coordinate today, hence my green Collectif Leo cardigan and green bandana. It was a bit cold for 3/4 lengths today, but I just couldn't face sweaty cling film shins, so the tattoos got some air.

Now I just need to find a similar outfit for tomorrow, because I'm definitely wearing the jacket again, I love it!


Monday, 23 April 2012

The Great British Tattoo Show

Sometimes, working for Collectif gives you some awesome things to go and do, such as working on the stall at The Great British Tattoo Show.

I was "worried" I wouldn't be able to get tattooed. As a tattoo-addict, I couldn't possibly go to a Tattoo Convention and come back un-inked!

Luckily, as there were 3 of us at the stall, my job largely consisted of spreading the Collectif word, meaning I was able to squeeze in some ink.

In fact, I got inked within the first hour of getting there :) Mind the swollen scumminess, my thumbs aren't very happy at the moment. It quite difficult to not scrape/touch/ scratch your thumbs in day to day life.

I'm usually crazy loyal to my tattoo artist (and I still am), mainly coz he is super awesome, and I've known him for years, but I have found another one I'm happy with. Enter Will Corvidae Sparling, this crazy little man:

I've been to a few Tattoo Convention, and in terms of getting tattoos on the fly, this one was pretty good, many of the artists attending had free slots, but this may have also been because the show wasn't as busy as I expected it to be, even though it was Sunday. I spoke to a few people whilst I was there, and to be honest, I think it could've been a bit better advertised (I think it was mainly in Tattoo magazines, which not everyone reads, including me), especially as it was the first ever Great British Tattoo Show. 

Nonetheless, there was plenty to do. The lovely Sinead came down to see me, and of course to get some ink as well.

I'm naturally head to toe in Collectif, Dolores Hibiscus Dress, and Katie Hibiscus Cardigan. The necklace is vintage from Shrewd. Sinead is wearing the Toxico Zombie Squad jacket I mentioned a little while, I have now ordered it too, in the hope that they still have some in stock, then we can be an actual squad :)

Whilst there, I also met the lovely Natalie from INFIprint (they go up to a 5XL!), and bought some awesome hoodies and t-shirts,  I was trying to make it up to the man flesh that I was getting inked and he wasn't, but unfortunately, I bought too smaller stuff, I still got some goodies though.

As expected, it was also completely impossible to walk past Kastaways, an official Iron Fist stockist, especially as I've wanted a bag for ages, and Perch who runs the store with his wife, is lovely, here is my purchase:

I do love it when a bag comes in a cool bag, I'm a sucker for these things!

As Sinead and I had been talking about getting a joint tattoo, we ended up returning to Will's stand, and got these awesome Sweet Vs Zombie cupcakes.

All in all, a pretty successful day, and I have Bournemouth Ink coming up next month, this time not for work, but only tattooing pleasure :)


The Challenge - Rewind

50 days, 8 dresses, 19 cardigans, 7 skirts, 11 pairs of trousers, 27 tops, 5 shirts, 5 jumpers, and various accessories later, and The Challenge was successful. I am currently still on my way to compiling all the items I haven't worn, and I will of course provide photographic evidence. In the meantime, here is a little round up of my last 50 days:


Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Challenge - Day 50 THE FINALE

I've actually done it, 50 days of The Challenge, and here is the grand finale outfit:

My very awesome (well, it does have anchors all over it) Vivien Of Holloway dress. The cardigan is from Collectif, and the belt vintage. I got some funny looks today, but also some lovely compliment, all in all a success I'd say.

Thank you for following The Challenge, I will do a little round up shortly of course, and Rockintage will continue nonetheless, now that I've gotten into the swing of things, daily outfit posts will continue!


Friday, 20 April 2012

The Challenge - Day 49

I can't believe the challenge is almost over! As promised, today it was dress time:

The very first Collectif dress I ever bought, the Regina Feral Dress, I do love a bit of leopard print (and by a bit I mean lots), vintage belt from Shrewd, and a trusty black cardi, tied at the waist, may as well highlight the best parts (certainly not the hips in my case).

Have a wonderful weekend (I shall be working)!


The Challenge - Day 48

...again, a super boring day of work trousers. My hated, hated work trousers. They are officially being binned today, and over the weekend (the challenge ends on Saturday) I will be purchasing new and more interesting work related clothing. At least something to look forward to. I'm sorry about the awful picture, but I am still spot central. Eugh. Hence no face (and instead a cheeky cigarette - no wonder I'm spotty).

Boring work trousers, plain black top (from New Look) and a trusty black cardigan. Though I'm hardly one to complain about weightloss (albs so far whoop) its not useful when it comes to existing clothes. Oh dear.

The good news is, for the remaining two days of the Challenge, I have two dresses lined up, a Collectif one tomorrow and a Vivien of Holloway on Saturday. Finally :)


Wednesday, 18 April 2012


This whole challenge has been so much fun, and I love blogging everyday, so I'm keeping this up, and in the spirit of this, I finally have my business cards! Exciting stuff, they're smaller than usual cards, aren't they adorable?! (front and back view)

I am now also the proud owner of! It will take me a little while to sort it all out and get it up and running, but there is definitely exciting times ahead!



The Challenge - Day 47

Finally the red leopard print skirt has had an outing, though I did regret it on the way home in the rain. I did venture to work in trainers, jeans and hoodie, but foolishly thought I would be ok on the way home.

Ignore the bright red nose, apparently that particular area suffered the most in the rain. The red leopard skirt and black shirt are both Collectif, the usual belt, and a trusty cardigan tied at the waist. I like this outfit :)


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Challenge - Day 46

Oh no...another boring day... I had my outfit all laid out, then it was raining, so unfortunately, it was boring work trousers, and as I am taking my new diet very seriously (apparently I've lost 9lbs - but I'm not sure where from, were my toes fatter before?) a friend and I from work, walked 2.6 miles on the way home, so it was trainer time. I don't want to bore you with pictures of the dull work trousers, and I had to forgo make-up today (many growths on my face - big enough to name), so here we are with some chest only.

I got the jumper of eBay, I love it, though it is a bit short, so I usually wear it tucked into a high waisted skirt, and the necklace was bought in Warsaw last year.

Let's hope there is less rain tomorrow so I can break out the red leopard print skirt!


Monday, 16 April 2012

The Challenge - Day 45

Another day at Shrewd today, and I got my "Hello Sailor" brooch I won on through a RetroDec through the post, I love it, I've been looking forward to wearing it since I found out I won. I never win anything. Well, the last time I won anything I was around 6, and the German equivalent of Captain's Bird Eye did some random radio competition. I think I had to draw a picture of some description, and won a watch, covered in the German Captain. I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere. Nonetheless, this was around 21 years ago, so obviously I was excited. Especially as its nautical and has an anchor, things I love. So, without further ado, here's my win:

It's friggin' adorable isn't it!!!

I see a lot of wear in this little felt brooch's future, but here's today's outfit:

It's a fairly similar outfit to yesterday, though with a blue/nautical theme. I'm wearing my Collectif Helga Swallows skirt, blue gingham Flavia top (also Collectif), the miscellaneous cardigan from yesterday, and the belt I wore yesterday too. It's a staple Daddy Rockintage got me. The necklace is from Tatty Devine, and of course my awesome brooch!


P.S. If you want to buy the lovely brooch, you can get it here, and see me wearing it too!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Challenge - Day 44

As I promised myself yesterday, I finally wore a skirt again today. Quite like the outfit, though I was freezing, as per normal. I'm pretty sure the weather was meant to be getting warmer at some point...maybe I was wrong.

What a hideous photo, though it is still better than the one the man flesh took in Covent Garden obvious (I was trying to avoid another in-flat picture, sadly it was not to be).

I'm wearing my Collectif Helga Tequila Skirt (shockingly, I do not own the matching cardigan), a red Collectif Flavia top, and a miscellaneous cardigan from M&S (I think, it no longer has a label).

I can't believe I only have 6 days to go, these 50 days have gone really fast!


Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Challenge - Day 43

I've gone for comfy clothes today, its definitely necessary after a day of work, followed by dinner out and a gig.

I really need to stop wearing my trusty 3/4s. I have at least 4 more skirts to wear before the end of the challenge, so within a week - eeek. The top is from Camden, the man flesh got it for me sometime last year, and the cardigan is Collectif. The trainers are cheapy ones from Next, but pretty darn comfortable! I think it has to be skirt o'clock tomorrow!


Friday, 13 April 2012

The Challenge - Day 42

...and today I was back to my normal self. It was leopard print o'clock.

Of course, the return of my M&S 3/4 lengths (though I was wearing tights) and my Next leopard print jumper, nice and warm. I did also wear my leopard print pumps rom Schuh, though they are not in the picture. Another 3 days of rockabilly work, thank god, die work trousers.

I'm nearing the end of the challenge, but I think I will keep up my outfit posts, it makes me put a bit more thought into my outfits, and stops me being lazy :)


Grrr! Argh!

Seeing as it is Friday the 13th (again, it seems), I thought I'd bring forward my Monster themed post, it seemed appropriate :)

I've always loved Monsters amd scary films, so my evening shall be spent on the sofa with some horror films, any excuse will do really.

I'm not even particularly fussy about my monsters, whether Zombies, Vampires (though not the sparkly variety), unknown creatures, and old school film monsters, its all game.

What makes this even better, is that all things monster can be incorporated with the Rockabilly style so easily. And of course I have a massive wishlist going on. Some things never have and never will change.

If you've read my previous posts, you may have seen the Paperdoll Dress, featuring old school film monsters. I love the print, and there are so many different styles you can get.

Here it is again, as well as lovely SInead in the variety she owns, complete with monster bag, monster cardigan and "MissMonster" necklace from Kreepsville666.

I have a lot of love for Kreepsville666, ghoulish patches, creepy hair accessories, scary tees and anything else horro related you could possibly want to adorn yourself with. I really do need to invest in some of their patches to ghoul-up my boring wardrobe items. I also really want this Zombie necklace, and possibly team it with this tee...I'm not asking for much am i?!

If I do end up investing in the Paperdoll Movie MOnsters Dress, I also want one of these bows I found on Etsy, in a shop called ChromePlatedCustoms, why not go the whole where can I find matching shoes :)

On the subject of Etsy, there is some great stuff to be found, such as the lovely Vicki Death, I love these eyeball shoes (and I have actually ordered some handpainted swallow ones), and I'd actually consider some of this art for a tattoo, would fit right in with my old school sleeve. And it involves monsters and dead people and such like. Win - Win!

Now go and get your ghoul on!