Friday, 6 April 2012


Tiki originally comes from Central Eastern Polynesian islands, but is a very popular look for Rockabilly ladies, well, it involves flowers, pretty dresses, and if you're really lucky, beaches and cocktails.

I'm not typically into flowers, but Hawaiian style dresses and flowers in my hair, well that I love!

Sinead and I at work the other day, loving a bit of tikitasticness.

The man flesh got me a Collectif Sarong dress for my birthday, I only briefly wore it today with my new cardigan, so I haven't posted it as an outfit post just yet - I'm waiting for some sunshine to properly wear it. Sinead is also wearing Collectif, well we are at work in this picture :)

A Bow and Crossbones Necklace, we got from Collectif, which we were both wearing.

Tiki is easily done, anything that reminds you of beaches, cocktails and sun is pretty much a go. Once the Challenge is over, I will ask be investing in this Collectif dress:

I love the print on this!

Hair wise, anything Rockabilly can be easily transformed into some tikitasticness with some hair flowers and accessories, Bow and Crossbones are great for these, as well as for Bamboo bangles and tiki bags, such as these:

But why stop at accessories like necklaces, bangles, hair flowers and dresses all adorned with flowers, bamboo, pineapples, and similar, if you could live in tikitasticness too?

What are my chances of convincing the man flesh that a tiki bar (this one is from will be vital once we move? I'm not even fussed if its inside or outside, as long as it is a bar :)

If you like tiki, there is so much to buy, dress up in, and even make, its a flowery heaven of happiness.

I now have a distinct urge to watch some films shot in Hawaii :) (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, or maybe 50 First Dates...decisions...)



  1. Love both your looks, so cute! It's given me tiki inspiration, thanks! :)

  2. I'm glad it inspired you, lets hope we get some more sunshine - cold Tiki is not so great :)