Thursday, 12 April 2012

Playing Ball

As it got cold, and continued to stay cold, and most days still is cold (regardless of the sunshine), I needed an alternative to my Faux Fur Coat, which although I love it with a passion, doesn't go with every outfit. Don't get me wrong, when it was baltic over here, I wore it with everything, and I literally mean everything. Nonetheless, when it comes to my favourite rockabilly combo of 3/4 lengths, a bandana, a big poof and some shape of related top, the coat sometimes looked a bit OTT, and didn't really fit into my rocking mood :)

Enter the Baseball Jacket. I love them. Literally. I want hundreds of them, and I am working on it, as soon as this Challenge is over.

On Day 37, I did showcase my lovely Jacket, a little reminder of what it looks like:

A fitted little thing, which is fairly plain, but thus goes with most things in my wardrobe, it keeps me warm, and cost less than £20, all I really ask for.

This beauty will be my first purchase, following the no-shopping part of my challenge is over:

After red, green is my next love, and who doesn't love a bit of Zombie joy. My lovely friend Sinead first told me about this, when she saw it at London Edge, at the Toxico stand. I do believe hers has already been ordered, and in less than 10 days, so will be mine. Can two people form a squad? We will certainly try.

But why stop at the ownership at two? (I'm a complete shopaholic, in case you hadn't noticed). Even my penchant for nautical themed items can be fulfilled with a baseball jacket. I stumbled on this jacket on the Criminal Damage website:

It even has one of my beloved swallows on the back of the sailor style collar, and its in the sale! I'm hiding my credit card as we speak. Black and red AND nautical, I'm in Baseball Jacket heaven!

If you have read my previous blog posts, you will also know how much I love my Miss Fortune baseball cardigan. It's, as the name suggests, not a jacket, but it goes with everything, and will keep me going when it, hopefully, gets too warm to wear an actual baseball jacket. Unfortunately I don't have a full picture of me wearing said cardigan, only snapshots of the collar, sleeves etc, such as this one from Day 14:

The good news is, that Miss Fortune of course do have one (Copyright Miss Rain Photography): 

I'm not sure how I could justify also getting the white one, but I will try!

Apart from the above, it can sadly be a little difficult to find the exact, awesome, rockabilly baseball jacket you want, but fear not. I am planning to invest in a plain jacket (which you can normally find reasonably priced at most sportswear shops) and adding some awesome patches to make my own. The most awesome ones I have found so far are by Kreepsville 666, on my current wish list are these:

Will I be breaking the rules of my Challenge if I buy these?!

I am currently lining up a Monster Themed post too, so keep your eyes peeled for more Kreepsville 666 goodies, I feel a large order being placed on my part soon!


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