Friday, 6 April 2012

One Round Of New Metal

I love and hate going to Paradox in Bournemouth in equal measures. I love it, because I get awesome new jewellery for a very decent price, and I hate it, because I always come out with way more than I originally wanted or needed.

Wednesday was one of these trips. I was too early for my tattoo appointment, so figured I may as well get some new nose rings, as I had lost the balls out of mine, and open rings are a pain in the ass, put mildly.

In I wander with my friend (the birthday girl, and the original reason to trek down to Bournemouth), and it doesn't take long for me to spot rings that instead of a ball closure, have little tubes that are stripy, silver paired with a multitude of colours. Instantly comes the debate, red or black stripy. Both favoured colours. Enter Deefa, the master of all things piercing jewellery. Spotting my black and red Miss Fortune Cardigan, he suggests black rings with the red striped closure. This man knows how to make a sale, one for each hole in my face was purchased, but he did have to work for it, many changes of mind (rings in the lip or stay with studs), but I now have happy shiny stripy new metal in my face. Exciting stuff. Team that with the fact that I was able to have Sarge from Metal Fatigue changes all 5 of my facial piercings in what seemed like less than 30 seconds, and we have one happy shopper.

Now to find my lip brush so I can actually successfully apply lipstick around the rings, there's always something though.

Thanks guys!


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