Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Green Times Version 2.0

I love wearing high waisted skirts, and by now it should be obvious how I feel about all things 3/4 length, however, considering the weather I was presented with today however, just no. Nothing could've convinced me to have any shape of leg out and about, or wear pumps which would instantly become soggy. No, no, no. This is where my favourite Road jeans come in, and as I am still in love (and will continue to be) with my new Zombie Squad Jacket, another green, yet reasonably dry outfit had to be created.

The green bandana makes a repeat performance, though tied differently, with my cheap ASDA cardigan I have had for a small lifetime, and one of my awesome new necklaces (it reads "Zombie") the man flesh got me from Kreepsville666 (he is a good one!). I shall endeavour to branch out from green tomorrow, but no promises!


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