Thursday, 26 April 2012

Black and White Nautical

Nothing hugely spectacular today, the weather just isn't allowing it. But, ever since the end of The Challenge, I have been exceptional at treating myself... The Tattoo Show was possibly the worst, but at least that shit last forever - value for money, surely (or so I tell myself).

One of the things I treated myself to, is this adorable necklace from Dolly Cool, I just can't resist anything with anchor, and in the 100s of anchor related products I own, I do not have anything similar to this:

Adorable isn't it!

...and what better excuse to wear my Collectif anchor cardigan! (+ M&S 3/4 lengths and a stripy top for good measure). I still have a few things I have treated myself to, or have indeed been treated to by the man flesh, so keep your eyes peeled for more posts!



  1. Yay it looks fab! Thanks for your custom and glad you like your necklace :))

  2. Thanks doll :) I'm currently writing a post on RetroDec, including some of your stuff too, will tag :) x