Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 29

I was not a happy camper today. After a delivery of new cardigans at Collectif, and Sinead subsequently buying me one as a late birthday present, we were all set for a tikitastic day. But, when I woke up, it was grey. Undeterred, I went for a tiki look nonetheless, just to be frozen half to death, and having t buy tights en route to work. Not. Happy. But here is the outfit.

The new Katie Hibiscus cardigan from Collectif, my beloved (now) 3/4 length Next jeans, and the previously worn red/black striped top I got from Oz. I'm just doing a a little post about Tikitasticness, so there will be better pictures of the necklace and hair flowers.


Friday, 30 March 2012

Sinning On the Tube

A few times over the last few weeks, I've read that applying your make-up on the tube is one of those big no-nos. I can't exactly remember where I read it, but really, what is the problem? Sure, spraying around perfume, brushing your hair and eating curry in a confined space with strangers is not pleasant for others, but me putting on my make-up? Who exactly am I hurting or disturbing? I'm actually pretty sure I have provided bored Metro readers with something to watch. I dont take up extra space doing it, it doesnt smell, it makes no mess. What is the fuss? The original article said something about the transformation being something that should be secret. The only persons opinion I care about, has seen me without make-up (and smudged make-up for that matter, and he doesn't join me on my tube journeys. So, why exactly is it such a sin to be making good use of the hour (minimum) I spend on the tube every morning. Frankly, I prefer the extra sleep.

Rant over :)


The Challenge - Day 28

I have attempted a bit more of a summery look...

I'm wearing my Collectif Bella Military Skirt, black Collectif Dolores top, a green George cardigan, and as per usual the belt Daddy Sefkerinio got me. I think I need to invest in new belts, asap. The flower is also from Collectif. Shame I cant go enjoy the sun in this outfit :(


Thursday, 29 March 2012

I Should Love ME A Little More

I spend a lot of time on tubes. An awful lot. Living in North London (don't get me on a technicality, we have an Underground Station), going to uni in South London, and working both in East and West, makes for a lot of time spent on Public Transport. Mostly cursing it.

Today was, like pretty much every day of the week, a day I spent sitting on the lovely Picadilly Line, amongst other. Opposite me, was a girl of indeterminable age (anywhere between 14 and 23), who was very pretty. This got me thinking. What would it be like, to be one of those naturally, classically pretty people. Is it an actual advantage? And as much as I curse so many different things about myself, would I really want to be one?

Growing up, I was the fat kid. The one that was told it was natural I would be a good swimmer, seeing as fat swims. Don't get me wrong, I didn't suffer half the bullying some people have and still do, but amongst the skinny kids, I was the fat. Though looking bad, fat is not the way I'd describe myself. Not so long ago I found a picture of me and a friend dressing up (she is now a pretty successful model). I think we were wearing her mothers clothing or similar. We must've been around 12, and the clothes are quite literally hanging off of her (though she already had the modelling pose down to a tee), whereas I practically looked like they were my clothes, and frankly, I had a cracking pair of legs on me. Which is funny, as they have now become the bane of my life (I have a tendency to be dramatic). You may have noticed I have a penchant for 3/4 lengths, and bar my standard pair of M&S ones, I have to make them myself. Why? Because I have calves, actual ones, ones you can see. Somewhere between inheriting them from my mum (who has cracking calves but never shows them off) and many years playing basketball, they are not slim calves, and thus do not fit into anything designed to stop somewhere along said lower limb.

Since my days of an amateur model, dressing up a good 15 years ago, I have fluctuated between curvy and chubby, most of the time sticking to the chubbier end of the scale. Some days, in the right clothes, the right attitude, and the right fat pants, I think I'm alright. Other days I loathe myself beyond belief. Which seems so silly. Its not like I gain dress sizes overnight. But I just can't help it.

But let's go back to the classically pretty aspect. I am not, and this is not some ploy to be told otherwise. Most days, I think I am alright. On the odd occasion, I even quite like what I see. But be classically pretty? That almost seems a bit boring. Had I been born with the perfect hair (as opposed to flat and thin), rosacea free skin (thanks parentals), symmetry like the perfect square (or there about) and eyebrows like they were meant to be, I don't think I would be where I am now, the person I am now, or in anyway me.

I doubt I would've gone through the hair choices I made (good and bad), or adorned my body with the metal and ink that is part of me. I am in no way saying I have made these choices because of it, or to rebel, but its all part and parcel of who I am, and my shape, my history, and my face all are part of this, and yes I do like how I look with them, more than I do without.

Because of who I am, I have become who I am. Had I not gone out with the wrong boyfriends, gone travelling and did all those weird and wonderful things I can call experience, I probably would not be living in London, with the love of my life (he truly is awesome, and yes you may discreetly puke), is that worth being deemed "classically pretty"? I think not.

If I looked any different, I wouldn't be my parents daughter (I'm still unsure how to take the "you look just like your dad" comments - I'm pretty sure I'm not a 6'3 bearded man), and I am damn lucky to have parents like them. They are many parts crazy, but supportive and generally the best ones going (plus, they are the only ones I've got).

Admittedly, this is a fairly random post, but after spotting that girl today, who by the way, spent a the many stations she sat opposite me looking utterly miserable, I decided, its time to love me a little more. Warts and all. (which luckily I have none of, literally speaking).


The Challenge - Day 27

...I hope I haven't worn this exact outfit already...

My Collectif Leo Cardigan has definitely already had an outing, but I am wearing it with my black 3/4 lengths (they are just so damn handy), and a plain black tee.

I chose 15 minutes longer in bed over choosing an outfit...whoops.


The Challenge - Day 26 Outfit 2 And A Little Fail

Oh My Sweet Jesus, that gig was AWESOME. Yes, totally worth of the capitals. I love that man's voice (Everlast that is), and it was such a small, intimate gig, I was practically in touching distance!

As I was attending a gig, I did buy a T-shirt. I realise this is technically against the rules, seeing as it was a gig, an Everlast gig, and I am a sucker for merch. The man flesh did point out, this also supports the artist, thus I don't actually feel bad...

...its just too exciting!

I did of course de-hat my hair so to speak:

...and as I am having somewhat of a fat day, all my pictures are black and white, its my artistic licence, and I am not afraid to use it!

This is my very brief gig outfit. My trusty M&S 3/4 lengths, my Globe trainers (which were a steal at £10), an old polka dot top (I think its H&M - I "borrowed" it from a flatmate once), an old cardigan of no specific origin, and the Batman belt I bought last time I was in Oz. Voila!


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 26 Outfit 1

Today I have learnt a valuable lesson. If you have a black fringe, with otherwise blonde hair, DO NOT under any circumstances wear your hair up and have said fringe to the side. It will look like you're wearing a rather odd little hat. Hence why I'm not loving the picture of today's first outfit. Not only will  I be changing before the man flesh and I head to the Everlast gig (wooohooo), but I will be quiffing it up. No more hat hair, of this peculiar type.

My little nautically themed outfit (again). Collectif Nicole Denim Swallow Skirt, a stripy vest top, an old New Look cropped cardigan, and my Iron Fist wedges. Of course, I am also wearing my Tatty Devine anchor necklace, and the belt Daddy Sefkerinio gave me.

Now to go and change my hair.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 25

I have reached the half way mark!

Nothing spectacular today, just a non-Rockabilly workplace kinda outfit:

My trusty Next work trousers, and a Primark top I have had for a long, long time.

Tomorrow looks to have two outfit posts, work and gig, exciting times.


My Post-Challenge Wishlist! Part 3

This simply has to be my last wish list post, at least for now! There are too many pretty, adorable, exciting things I want in my life, but this will be the last one for the time being.

Every so often, I see someone wearing an amazing dress, just to be told its a Bettie Page dress, which, as far as I'm aware are not stocked over here. But, I have no concerns, a stateside visit is hopefully in the pipeline, and I am sure to include a visit to a Bettie Page Clothing store. Too many good things heard, and too many nice dresses seen not to!

Like this simple beauty, called "Shopping Time", I'm already counting my cents for this one, $102 and it shall be mine!

And, as I am very greedy, I also want this Sierra dress ($120), I have the feeling I will be taken many an empty bag across the pond, just to return with excess luggage a-plenty. Before I know it, my wardrobe will be back to full capacity (and I have only just designated a whole pile of clothes to be gotten rid of), and another challenge will have to be undertaken. I feel sorry for the man flesh, at least I will always be impeccably dressed :)

The lovely Nicky from @vibrant_vintage recently pointed me in the direction of Freddie's Of Pinewood, after I was checking out her jeans, and they too have too many things I like...damn them! :)

I actually wish I had found these jeans during the winter, my usual 3/4 lengths were unfortunately not as great as usual, no one like cold calves! £50 would've saved me a lot of goosebumps, and the green striped Rebecca Top (£28.00 sold! to me!) will give them enough of a nautical feel to be right at home in the Sefkerinio household. Oh, how are the 26 days not over yet, I MUST shop!

...and one final one...

I found this at Fairygothmother, and its adorable, just right for the lovely sunshine at the moment. The man flesh didn't love this one as much as me, but with a different coloured petticoat even he will (I don't do pink - and yes, I realise the flowers are pink).

I really REALLY am going to stop now, I already have itchy fingers, and my wallet is looking scared!


My Post-Challenge Wishlist! Part 2

 ....and the drooling shall continue....

Before I get into more adorable clothes I am totally in lust with, lets include some lingerie I am also completely in lust with. As someone who wears "fat pants" so often, I often get a hideous shock at the flab I see on days I don't (really, its a "Shit, what happened over night" kinda moment), I just LOVE ADORE LUST after the What Katie Did shapewear, especially as my much worn "fat pants" have, to be honest, seen many a better day.

This Corselette is just so god-damn glamourous (which is most likely why its called precisely that "Glamour Corselette") and is £65.00. This is significantly more than the pants I own, but not only is this gorgeous, I wouldn't be worried about the man flesh seeing me in this, unlike said pants, which frankly are hideous. More than that actually, they are the grossest thing since onions, granted, this is a personal example, seeing as I am allergic, but you get the jist.

This Corselette (from the Josephine range) is equally awesome, and well, look at the print, an instant winner for me, and the same price as the above, well done What Katie Did, well done!

This Nautical Nancy A-Line Dress from Miss Fortune is so adorable, and would go perfectly with my Iron Fist nautical wedges. Its a new item in the Nautical Nancy range, and is £48.50 - shame I just had a birthday!
I also love the Nautical Nancy Dolly Top (£32.99), especially the little bow detail with the anchor button, I want those buttons on everything I own! Literally. Seeing as I am all over nautical things, I can think of at least 10 outfits I could make with this cute top. (pictures copyright  Miss Fortune & Miss Rain Photography)

I've seen a lot of the old school B-Movie Prints about at the moment, and I absolutely love this Dolly Dress from Paper Doll Productions, unfortunately, I can't find any UK stockists, only eBay joy :( sad times. Though there are a range of different styles available, this is my favourite, I want!

...and I still have enough for one more post. Oh dear. I see skint times in my near future.


Monday, 26 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 24

...another day at home, so I hereby introduce you to "Tracksuit Rockabilly"

Well I do have to make sure that my plain tees and my large collection of sleep attire does not need to be chucked. Both, the top and bottoms are pretty old, I think the t-shirt in H&M and the bottoms New Look or similar.

Tomorrow marks the half way mark, and I actually have to leave the house again, so there will be more of an actual outfit.


My Post-Challenge Wishlist! Part 1

I'm almost at the halfway mark of the challenge, which means I am halfway to being able to buy clothes again! Exciting stuff. I'm a pretty bad shopaholic, so you can imagine the pain I feel not being able to buy any clothes, this does of course not stop me from looking at all the wonderful things I currently can't have, so here is my current wish list:

I just LOVE this dress. It's possibly a little more demure than I usually go for, but I love the shoulder detail. The colour (Dynamite) is also gorgeous, but I would happily settle for one of each colour, not that I'm greedy or anything. Its the 1940s Mary Dress from Heyday, and is £78.00. All it needs is some cute heels, and of course the obligatory red lipstick!

These comfy, yet stylish looking Steel Blue Tweed Swing Trousers are also from Heyday, sadly they only have one pair remaining (in what may well be my size), for a very reasonable £55.00, these next 26 days can't go fast enough. I would totally wear these to my non-rockabilly place of work, with a crisp shirt and an eye-catching belt. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't have included them so no one snaps them up :)

 ...and which outfit wouldn't benefit from this Leopard Wrap Top (£30.00)...jeans, skirts, I could wear this with everything, Heyday you have a definitive new fan on your hands!


The perfect little day dress, just what I need for some picnics in the sun. All I need is this dress, some time off, and a little picnic blanket. This dress is Runaround Sue from Vivien Of Holloway and costs £79.00, it also comes in adorable prints and as well as the black above, also in bright red, very tempting!

Whilst I'm drooling over Vivien Of Holloway beauties, I am also in pure lust with the Jezebel Pencil Dress with the Polka Bust, which looks like this:

This would be absolutely perfect for the Vintage Circus evening I'm attending as part of Circus Fest in April. Luckily, this event is after my Challenge is complete, so I may just have to start feeding the Piggy Bank, so that I have £89.00 ready to purchase this for myself.

 I need to go wipe the drool of my face, Part 2 shall follow shortly :)


Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 23

Another day of no real outfit, but chilling out at home, on my last day off (and with an hour less - bastards).

Not entirely happy about having to have a picture taken, no make up (only remains of yesterday's), wearing old leggings, my fluffy boots I got for Christmas, and a hoodie the man flesh got me last year (it says: "I'm not small, I'm fun sized).

I did actually make a massive pile of clothes today which shall leave this household, so I'm doing alright, lets hope I have another 27 outfits left!!


Watch This Space

For my birthday, as per usual, my dad got me some pretty cool presents. He has quite the talent. Its always something I would've never picked, but always something I love.

Case in point, my new watch:

It's by 01 The One, and I love the retro feel to it! Admittedly, it does require some mental maths. The left hand side denotes the hours, and the right hand side the minutes. Depending on the LEDs lit up, some mental sums are required to figure out a time, but brain training has never hurt anyone.

Sadly there are no other features, such as alarms or a date display, but I actually like this simplicity, my mobile phone does most things for me anyway :)

I don't usually like plastic straps because of the sweat factor, but I am happy to make an exception. Though white is notorious for getting dirty, I have been advised that the strap can easily be cleaned with an eraser, simply does it.

Good call Daddy Sefkerinio!


Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 22

...again, just a little post, as the birthday weekend continues...

I have so far spent my day eating pizza and dying my hair, with the help of my lovely lady friend, no more rootage, and some black fringe and tip action... can't see it all, but to give you an idea :)

I'm actually wearing a pair of maternity baggies I got in Oz, they are just so darn comfortable! Plain black top and cardie, its definitely a chilled kinda weekend :)


Friday, 23 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 21

Just a very quick post - seeing as I have been "celebrating" since about 4pm...

Red Next skinnies, customised into 3/4 lengths, a black strappy top, and a Collectif Swallows cardigan...

...I must get back to the party....


Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 20

Today has been birthday o'clock, admittedly, I didn't get dressed until about 3pm, but I think thats allowed - at least I hope so.

I am now laden with presents (the most awesome watch ever being one of them - I'll probably post about this too, and Everlast tickets from the man flesh, soooo excited), and dying of the food baby I'm carrying, after Daddy Sefkerinio took us to Rodizio Rico. If you've never been, and love meat, go there NOW, its a brazilian BBQ place, with all you can eat meat brought round on swords by men. What more could you possibly want?!

I'm sidetracking, here is today's outfit:

Pretty casual, but hey, its my birthday. Again, my grey Primark jeans, a top I got from I think it was Valley Girl in Oz, and my red Collectif Leo Cardigan. The belt as before from the Dad. And you can just about spot my awesome new time-telling-device.

Time for some bubbly me thinks.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 19

I actually really made an effort today! After spending the majority of my day off cleaning (what a joy), I had enough time to get ready ladylike-style - slowly, very enjoyable for a change.

Manflesh and I went out for dinner this eve, I think he was a little surprised with the outfit, seeing as we went to TGI's :)

I bought the dress from Zara about 9 years ago for a friends graduation, and to be honest, completely forgot I had it. Very much do-able as a wiggle dress! It has some strange folded-over off the shoulder thing going on, but it wasn't staying so I got a little creative with safety pins and some red skull beads to give it this look. The shoes are from Next.

I broke out my hotsticks again today for the curls, lining up a post about hotsticks vs heated rollers at the moment - I'll keep you updated!

I actually quite like this picture, a pleasant change!


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 18

Today was my last day of work for the rest of the week, so I actually went in reasonably smart today (non-Collectif workplace).

I'm wearing Next trousers (a workplace staple), an old cardigan (I can't help but got for this one), a H&M strappy top and my Collectif Bird Blouse, its pretty see-through, so not something I could realistically wear without anything over the top. The waistbelt actually came with some really old top I once bought somewhere, quite some time ago.

As I'm off tomorrow and its my birthday on Thursday, the manflesh is taking me to TGI's (we're addicted), so I may have to break out one of the more fancy things I own, to get them out of the way :)


Totally Addicted To Poof

After losing my video tutorial virginity yesterday, I had a brief scan through some of my pictures, as you do, and realised, I really am addicted to the poof. Most pictures feature me, with a poof. Therefore, I decided to just show you some quick pictures, call it "The Good, The Bad and the Poof". These photos span the last year or so, so there are some poofs that are more successful than others, some with obvious grips, and various hair colours, just to give an idea of what can be done.

Maybe I should give some other hairstyles a go :)


Monday, 19 March 2012

Quick Front Roll Tutorial - I Did It!

So I have finally managed to get over myself, and I have made a little video tutorial to create a quick front roll/poof/quiff, whatever you want to call it.

All you need is Dry Shampoo (if you have lanky hair like me, I like Batiste), hairspray, some grips, and if you're going for the second option I have given, something like a marker pen, mascara tube.

I will have to make some more videos, as this is quite the learning process, enjoy x

The Challenge - Day 17

Only a really quick outfit post for day 17. I've spent the majority of today trying to get over myself to get this video tutorial sorted, I've only just finished editing it, so its finalising at the moment, I'm really nervous about uploading it!

So, I have spent all day at home, so getting dolled up isn't my first priority, plus it's my birthday week, so its all about chilling and minimum work :)

Just a cheapy Primark checked shirt (which I love), and some baggy jeans for me today. Don't worry, I'll be leaving the house tomorrow, so I'll be back to making an effort :)


Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 16

Today I took dressing inappropriately for the weather to a whole new level. Somehow, seeing a glimpse of sunshine convinced me, that tights were utterly unnecessary today. Rookie mistake. Never have I had such chilly knees, all bloody day.

I'm wearing the Dolores Cherry Stem dress from Collectif, with a previously utilised cardigan, though I went for a tied at the waist look today, mainly because I couldn't find my red belt in the rush to get ready this morning. I've also avoided doing too much with my hair (as can clearly be seen), so I can finally get round to doing my quiff video tutorial tomorrow.

Must remember to wear tights!!!


Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 15

...quite the day off I have had, mainly in that, I didn't have the day of. I was rudely dragged out of bed to go to work after all, I was, and still am not best impressed, hence why todays look was created out of annoyance. For some reason, the picture came out a bit blurry, but to be honest, this is probably a good thing today.

Again, the 3/4s were originally skinny jeans from Primark, the vest is from Lucky 13, the man flesh brought it back for me from Rebellion Festival last year, and the cardigan was also previously worn on Day 1.

I still have so many random things to wear, I best get on it!


Friday, 16 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 14

As I will be going straight home from work, (in fairness via a supermarket), to get into my Pj's and getting my drink on for some pre-birthday shenanigans, a slightly earlier post. Unfortunately, this also means there is a lack of a full frontal picture, as with phone, and alone, at work, its very difficult to achieve. But here we go anyway:

The Road jeans I wore a few days ago, with my very ancient trainers I got in Montreal a small lifetime ago. They make my feet seem small, especially with the crazy sized jeans over the top, so I like them :)

I'm also not entirely myself today, managed to forget my liquid eye-liner at home today, epic failure on my part! The jacket/cardigan is from Miss Fortune, a Christmas present from the man-flesh (he does know me well), a grey shirt (dubbed the "Boobie Top) I got from a little shop in Byron Bay, Australia, yonks ago. Necklace is from the fabulous Tatty Devine (Christmas present from one of Man flesh's friends - I am a lucky girl).they are 100% likely to show up again before the end of the challenge!

So far the quiff has more or less survived, hair washing time tomorrow, and then I will brace myself and make my first video tutorial - of course about quiffs, so stay tuned!