Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 6

I admittedly only got dressed very briefly, seeing as I am off from work sick today, but this has also given me a chance to prepare for a make-up and hair post, one of these (at least) will probably go live later too.

I basically chose my outfit based on what I was doing with my hair/make up, and chose something I liked, but I was unlikely to be able to wear within the challenge, lets face it, UK weather is unlikely to become summer dress like :(

This is a Collectif dress I scooped up before I started working there. With the current amount of lumps and bumps I am carrying around, it sadly isn't the most flattering, though it does seem to give me ample cleavage, which is not as nature intended. :) The velvet rose belt is also from Collectif, I got the satin headscarf from Shrewd in Dorking, and its usually my go to headscarf when the rollers are in, like now!

Off I go, back to my sofa, chocolate, and getting one of the other posts ready for your (hopeful) enjoyment.


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