Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 1

Day 1 was in itself a challenge, after little sleep, it took some serious effort not to go for my fall-back outfits. Having said that, Day 1 has not provided the most interesting outfit. I figure I should go for as many unworn outfits and items as possible, to allow my faves to enter on days I sleep too long (which in fairness is most days).

So I dug out all my shorts (far too many pairs, for someone who doesn't wear shorts, all in all 8 pairs), the good/bad news is, most of them didnt fit them, so I will either throw them out, try and make something new with them, or maybe even sell them, instantly more room in the wardrobe, after just Day 1 - Result.

So here it is, Day 1 Outfit:

Some random, some oldies in this one, navy polka shorts from Primark (I think I bought them for a holiday once), a black New Look top (which does have lacy details on the back), a Collectif blue Sailor belt, and a good old Monsoon cardigan, its pretty old, but it is fairly thick and does have Polka Dot lining, which always makes me happy :)

I am wearing Ugg boots, which I dont like hugely, visually, but they do blend in with the tights, and keep my feet warm and comfy for 9 whole hours at work. So they do kinda win.

Another quick view of the shorts (and the knobbly knees I call my own):

Tomorrows challenge will involve trying to make the outfit a bit more interesting: :)


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