Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Post-Challenge Wishlist! Part 2

 ....and the drooling shall continue....

Before I get into more adorable clothes I am totally in lust with, lets include some lingerie I am also completely in lust with. As someone who wears "fat pants" so often, I often get a hideous shock at the flab I see on days I don't (really, its a "Shit, what happened over night" kinda moment), I just LOVE ADORE LUST after the What Katie Did shapewear, especially as my much worn "fat pants" have, to be honest, seen many a better day.

This Corselette is just so god-damn glamourous (which is most likely why its called precisely that "Glamour Corselette") and is £65.00. This is significantly more than the pants I own, but not only is this gorgeous, I wouldn't be worried about the man flesh seeing me in this, unlike said pants, which frankly are hideous. More than that actually, they are the grossest thing since onions, granted, this is a personal example, seeing as I am allergic, but you get the jist.

This Corselette (from the Josephine range) is equally awesome, and well, look at the print, an instant winner for me, and the same price as the above, well done What Katie Did, well done!

This Nautical Nancy A-Line Dress from Miss Fortune is so adorable, and would go perfectly with my Iron Fist nautical wedges. Its a new item in the Nautical Nancy range, and is £48.50 - shame I just had a birthday!
I also love the Nautical Nancy Dolly Top (£32.99), especially the little bow detail with the anchor button, I want those buttons on everything I own! Literally. Seeing as I am all over nautical things, I can think of at least 10 outfits I could make with this cute top. (pictures copyright  Miss Fortune & Miss Rain Photography)

I've seen a lot of the old school B-Movie Prints about at the moment, and I absolutely love this Dolly Dress from Paper Doll Productions, unfortunately, I can't find any UK stockists, only eBay joy :( sad times. Though there are a range of different styles available, this is my favourite, I want!

...and I still have enough for one more post. Oh dear. I see skint times in my near future.


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