Friday, 2 March 2012

May The Challenge Begin...

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Anyway, I decided to set myself a little challenge, seeing as every morning, I look around the bedroom, exasperated, not knowing what to wear, always settling for similar outfits. In fairness, even the pile (and it is a pile) of old faithfulls is rather large. But I have 2 wardrobes full of stuff, as well as numerous piles, not forgetting the dirty washing pile, and I don't wear the majority of it. Sure, some is too big, some too small, but the remainder consist of absolutely decent clothes.

So here comes the challenge:

Starting tomorrow, for 50 days (until the 21st April 2012) I will wear a different outfit everyday from my wardrobe and said piles.

Now for a few rules:

1) no outfit can be worn twice
2) items can be "recycled" for different outfits (I don't own 50 skirts/trousers) but I will avoid this as best as I    can, especially cardigans, seeing as I have 30+)
3) a photo and description etc. needs to be uploaded for every day
4) all items I can't or don't wear will need to be gotten rid off, unless I can amend, sew, change etc. and wear it of course.
5) no new items are to be bought, though it is my birthday in 3 weeks, so I will have to allow gifts :)

I think those are the most important rules, I may add more if necessary.

Expect mainly Rockabilly and Vintage outfits, though there will also be plenty grungy, rocky outfits. I was going to leave out my days off, as I rarely leave the house, let alone get dressed on the odd day off I have, but I guess they will give me a chance to wear all my hoodies and very excessive amount of PJs.

Wish me luck, it all begins tomorrow!!!! x


  1. Tried to comment earlier and somehow failed - think my tab ate it!
    Good luck with this, I think it's a fab idea - I so know the feeling of having loads of clothes yet for some reason only wearing the same few over and over! Look forward to seeing your outfits :)
    Carla x

  2. Thanks doll, I think I will struggle most with the not buying clothes, day 2 and I'm already regretting that rule :) x