Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 5

Wednesdays is date night in this household, and even though we always plan to make use of Orange 2-4-1 Wednesdays, we always get dragged (not in a literal sense) into TGIs, because frankly, we love it. Sadly today we didn't have our favourite waiter, so it wasn't as great as always, however, as I am not a side salad only kinda gal, I am so full I appear pregnant with toddler twins, hence no full on pictures. Trust me, no one wants to see that.

Not an outfit I entirely loved, but that could also be to do with a long, wet day.

The trousers are actually skinny jeans from Primark (they're light grey), which I chopped and sewed into 3/4 lengths, my favourite kinda jeans. As I have proper calfs, most produced 3/4 lengths don't fit me, so I always buy cheap stretchy skinnies and make them into what I want.

I'm also wearing a black and white western style Collectif shirt, which will, within the remaining 45 days also make an appearance in red:

A plain New Look wife beater type thing, and I was wearing a black George at ASDA, waisted cardigan. Although me wearing it has given the cardigan immunity, it still needs to go. It sits weirdly and is roughly as flattering as a garbage bags, even wearing it tied at my waist didn't help, so once I have taken anything useful, such as buttons, from it, it is "Adieu Cardigan!" o'clock.

Shoe wise, I was wearing some adorable Schuh grey pumps, which I love, but haven't yet worn it, thus they still come with great pain:

I shall endeavour to wear them more!

As it seems to rain whenever I'm wearing 3/4 lengths, I'll try and send out prior warning :)


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