Monday, 26 March 2012

My Post-Challenge Wishlist! Part 1

I'm almost at the halfway mark of the challenge, which means I am halfway to being able to buy clothes again! Exciting stuff. I'm a pretty bad shopaholic, so you can imagine the pain I feel not being able to buy any clothes, this does of course not stop me from looking at all the wonderful things I currently can't have, so here is my current wish list:

I just LOVE this dress. It's possibly a little more demure than I usually go for, but I love the shoulder detail. The colour (Dynamite) is also gorgeous, but I would happily settle for one of each colour, not that I'm greedy or anything. Its the 1940s Mary Dress from Heyday, and is £78.00. All it needs is some cute heels, and of course the obligatory red lipstick!

These comfy, yet stylish looking Steel Blue Tweed Swing Trousers are also from Heyday, sadly they only have one pair remaining (in what may well be my size), for a very reasonable £55.00, these next 26 days can't go fast enough. I would totally wear these to my non-rockabilly place of work, with a crisp shirt and an eye-catching belt. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't have included them so no one snaps them up :)

 ...and which outfit wouldn't benefit from this Leopard Wrap Top (£30.00)...jeans, skirts, I could wear this with everything, Heyday you have a definitive new fan on your hands!


The perfect little day dress, just what I need for some picnics in the sun. All I need is this dress, some time off, and a little picnic blanket. This dress is Runaround Sue from Vivien Of Holloway and costs £79.00, it also comes in adorable prints and as well as the black above, also in bright red, very tempting!

Whilst I'm drooling over Vivien Of Holloway beauties, I am also in pure lust with the Jezebel Pencil Dress with the Polka Bust, which looks like this:

This would be absolutely perfect for the Vintage Circus evening I'm attending as part of Circus Fest in April. Luckily, this event is after my Challenge is complete, so I may just have to start feeding the Piggy Bank, so that I have £89.00 ready to purchase this for myself.

 I need to go wipe the drool of my face, Part 2 shall follow shortly :)


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