Sunday, 11 March 2012

Painting The Town...Grey

I have finally branched out from my usual red nail polish. I do quite like grey, though I'm not convinced it's classed as a colour, nonetheless, I got this Bourjois Nail polish for Christmas from a good friend, and actually got round to trying it, and my, it sure is handy.

It claims: "1 nail = 1 stroke = 1 sec.", and this is not far fetched.

Instead of the usual gloopy brush, which, if you're as useless as I am, leads to just as much varnish next to the nail as on the nail, but this one is better, yes, better:

It has even coverage, though for my big thumb nails, I may apply another layer, mainly because I regularly fail at these things. And the grey has a nice little glittery shine to it, making it less boring (though  I like boring grey).

It really is a matter of 1, 2, 3, and its all done. It also dries pretty quickly, which is good for impatient folks, like me, who as soon as they have painted their nails can think of 3 gazillion things they need to be doing - with their hands.

I think its time to invest in a few more of these!


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