Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 19

I actually really made an effort today! After spending the majority of my day off cleaning (what a joy), I had enough time to get ready ladylike-style - slowly, very enjoyable for a change.

Manflesh and I went out for dinner this eve, I think he was a little surprised with the outfit, seeing as we went to TGI's :)

I bought the dress from Zara about 9 years ago for a friends graduation, and to be honest, completely forgot I had it. Very much do-able as a wiggle dress! It has some strange folded-over off the shoulder thing going on, but it wasn't staying so I got a little creative with safety pins and some red skull beads to give it this look. The shoes are from Next.

I broke out my hotsticks again today for the curls, lining up a post about hotsticks vs heated rollers at the moment - I'll keep you updated!

I actually quite like this picture, a pleasant change!


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