Friday, 16 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 14

As I will be going straight home from work, (in fairness via a supermarket), to get into my Pj's and getting my drink on for some pre-birthday shenanigans, a slightly earlier post. Unfortunately, this also means there is a lack of a full frontal picture, as with phone, and alone, at work, its very difficult to achieve. But here we go anyway:

The Road jeans I wore a few days ago, with my very ancient trainers I got in Montreal a small lifetime ago. They make my feet seem small, especially with the crazy sized jeans over the top, so I like them :)

I'm also not entirely myself today, managed to forget my liquid eye-liner at home today, epic failure on my part! The jacket/cardigan is from Miss Fortune, a Christmas present from the man-flesh (he does know me well), a grey shirt (dubbed the "Boobie Top) I got from a little shop in Byron Bay, Australia, yonks ago. Necklace is from the fabulous Tatty Devine (Christmas present from one of Man flesh's friends - I am a lucky girl).they are 100% likely to show up again before the end of the challenge!

So far the quiff has more or less survived, hair washing time tomorrow, and then I will brace myself and make my first video tutorial - of course about quiffs, so stay tuned!


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