Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Post-Challenge Wishlist! Part 3

This simply has to be my last wish list post, at least for now! There are too many pretty, adorable, exciting things I want in my life, but this will be the last one for the time being.

Every so often, I see someone wearing an amazing dress, just to be told its a Bettie Page dress, which, as far as I'm aware are not stocked over here. But, I have no concerns, a stateside visit is hopefully in the pipeline, and I am sure to include a visit to a Bettie Page Clothing store. Too many good things heard, and too many nice dresses seen not to!

Like this simple beauty, called "Shopping Time", I'm already counting my cents for this one, $102 and it shall be mine!

And, as I am very greedy, I also want this Sierra dress ($120), I have the feeling I will be taken many an empty bag across the pond, just to return with excess luggage a-plenty. Before I know it, my wardrobe will be back to full capacity (and I have only just designated a whole pile of clothes to be gotten rid of), and another challenge will have to be undertaken. I feel sorry for the man flesh, at least I will always be impeccably dressed :)

The lovely Nicky from @vibrant_vintage recently pointed me in the direction of Freddie's Of Pinewood, after I was checking out her jeans, and they too have too many things I like...damn them! :)

I actually wish I had found these jeans during the winter, my usual 3/4 lengths were unfortunately not as great as usual, no one like cold calves! £50 would've saved me a lot of goosebumps, and the green striped Rebecca Top (£28.00 sold! to me!) will give them enough of a nautical feel to be right at home in the Sefkerinio household. Oh, how are the 26 days not over yet, I MUST shop!

...and one final one...

I found this at Fairygothmother, and its adorable, just right for the lovely sunshine at the moment. The man flesh didn't love this one as much as me, but with a different coloured petticoat even he will (I don't do pink - and yes, I realise the flowers are pink).

I really REALLY am going to stop now, I already have itchy fingers, and my wallet is looking scared!


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