Sunday, 25 March 2012

Watch This Space

For my birthday, as per usual, my dad got me some pretty cool presents. He has quite the talent. Its always something I would've never picked, but always something I love.

Case in point, my new watch:

It's by 01 The One, and I love the retro feel to it! Admittedly, it does require some mental maths. The left hand side denotes the hours, and the right hand side the minutes. Depending on the LEDs lit up, some mental sums are required to figure out a time, but brain training has never hurt anyone.

Sadly there are no other features, such as alarms or a date display, but I actually like this simplicity, my mobile phone does most things for me anyway :)

I don't usually like plastic straps because of the sweat factor, but I am happy to make an exception. Though white is notorious for getting dirty, I have been advised that the strap can easily be cleaned with an eraser, simply does it.

Good call Daddy Sefkerinio!


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