Friday, 9 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 7

Today I really enjoyed the challenge, and the outfit! I finally got round to wearing a vintage shirt dress I got from Shrewd a small lifetime ago. Granted its not my usual style, for starters its not red or black, and I don't tend to show of my knobbly knees, but I really liked this, I will definitely be busting this out again, though obviously after the end of the challenge.

Unsurprisingly, its not the easiest task to get a good picture when you have no one to help you, but this shall do:

I'm also wearing a George cardigan, a plain black strappy top from New Look, the belts creator is unknown, a present from my parents, and a vintage glass bead necklace, also from Shrewd originally (though I got it in my Advent Calendar, courtesy of Mummy Shrewd).

I actually curled my hair last night (blog post on this also to follow in the near future), though I did just messily put it up with a flower from Collectif. For someone who has dead straight, flat hair, its nice to be able to do that.


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