Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Challenge - Day 26 Outfit 2 And A Little Fail

Oh My Sweet Jesus, that gig was AWESOME. Yes, totally worth of the capitals. I love that man's voice (Everlast that is), and it was such a small, intimate gig, I was practically in touching distance!

As I was attending a gig, I did buy a T-shirt. I realise this is technically against the rules, seeing as it was a gig, an Everlast gig, and I am a sucker for merch. The man flesh did point out, this also supports the artist, thus I don't actually feel bad...

...its just too exciting!

I did of course de-hat my hair so to speak:

...and as I am having somewhat of a fat day, all my pictures are black and white, its my artistic licence, and I am not afraid to use it!

This is my very brief gig outfit. My trusty M&S 3/4 lengths, my Globe trainers (which were a steal at £10), an old polka dot top (I think its H&M - I "borrowed" it from a flatmate once), an old cardigan of no specific origin, and the Batman belt I bought last time I was in Oz. Voila!


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