Sunday, 29 April 2012


A few weeks ago, I won a competition run by online shop RetroDec, a first for me in approximately 21 years. Obviously I was excited.

Not as excited as when I found out that the lovely Helen that runs RetroDec wanted to use my picture on her website, and definitely not as excited as when I took a little look at the goodies available. Not that this in any way implies I wasn't hugely excited in the first place!

Helen, who even though we've only spoken via the internet (who can remember a life before?!) I already adore, set up RetroDec herself (I'm always in awe of successful business women) in order to be able to look after her two kids, this being her third. I love the fact she will only stock items she loves, and after having a good old nosey, let me tell you, this lady has some good taste! She now runs RetroDec with the help of a Friday-Night Elvis, also known as Jimmy, her partner, and her two small children, 13 months and 6 years old, in charge of cello tape and operations respectively, no one is a slacker in this family!

Helen gave up a successful interior design career to get her vintage on, and obviously this was a good move! And as Helen herself told me:

"I LOVE RetroDec because I LOVE my customers - they are all so cool and interact with us on Facebook and Twitter! I wish I had started this 10 years ago (...)
A lot of the products are hand made by some really special people (mostly ladies) and its fantastic to work with such talented and genuinely lovely people....and have such great and quirky items."

I of course had to place an order (shocking I know), and this is the adorable Dolly Cool necklace I got, and wore yesterday with my awesome new outfit:

I also got an adorable little stash tin, and inside I found a little sugar skull keyring, this woman already knows me too well :)

But, enough of the Helen-adoring, I do recommend RetroDec highly, the prices are absolutely reasonable,  the selection of items is the right balance between quirky and needed (though in my case I need quirky items too). Payment and delivery is pain-free and fast, and if you have any questions Helen is never further than a tweet/facebook message/email away.

Of course there are some more items I have my eye on...

Go shop!


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