Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Challenge - Day 30

Afeter yesterdays coldness, today's theme was blue and not too revealing. Today though, the sunshine fooled me, and I forgot a jacket or any kind of hoodie. Though I was nice and toasty in the sun, I nearly froze to death on the tube, luckily I managed to beg Sinead to bring me in a hoodie, which she did, total hero

Collectif Polka cardigan, an old top I got off eBay, my H&M boyfriend jeans (rolled up to be 3/4 length of course - and yes I did wear tights). A flower and blue anchor necklace, also from Collectif (I see a theme emerging)ts definitely a comfy outfit, but I am glad Sinead brought a hoodie in though :)

Over half way!


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