Friday, 20 April 2012

The Challenge - Day 48

...again, a super boring day of work trousers. My hated, hated work trousers. They are officially being binned today, and over the weekend (the challenge ends on Saturday) I will be purchasing new and more interesting work related clothing. At least something to look forward to. I'm sorry about the awful picture, but I am still spot central. Eugh. Hence no face (and instead a cheeky cigarette - no wonder I'm spotty).

Boring work trousers, plain black top (from New Look) and a trusty black cardigan. Though I'm hardly one to complain about weightloss (albs so far whoop) its not useful when it comes to existing clothes. Oh dear.

The good news is, for the remaining two days of the Challenge, I have two dresses lined up, a Collectif one tomorrow and a Vivien of Holloway on Saturday. Finally :)


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