Monday, 23 April 2012

The Great British Tattoo Show

Sometimes, working for Collectif gives you some awesome things to go and do, such as working on the stall at The Great British Tattoo Show.

I was "worried" I wouldn't be able to get tattooed. As a tattoo-addict, I couldn't possibly go to a Tattoo Convention and come back un-inked!

Luckily, as there were 3 of us at the stall, my job largely consisted of spreading the Collectif word, meaning I was able to squeeze in some ink.

In fact, I got inked within the first hour of getting there :) Mind the swollen scumminess, my thumbs aren't very happy at the moment. It quite difficult to not scrape/touch/ scratch your thumbs in day to day life.

I'm usually crazy loyal to my tattoo artist (and I still am), mainly coz he is super awesome, and I've known him for years, but I have found another one I'm happy with. Enter Will Corvidae Sparling, this crazy little man:

I've been to a few Tattoo Convention, and in terms of getting tattoos on the fly, this one was pretty good, many of the artists attending had free slots, but this may have also been because the show wasn't as busy as I expected it to be, even though it was Sunday. I spoke to a few people whilst I was there, and to be honest, I think it could've been a bit better advertised (I think it was mainly in Tattoo magazines, which not everyone reads, including me), especially as it was the first ever Great British Tattoo Show. 

Nonetheless, there was plenty to do. The lovely Sinead came down to see me, and of course to get some ink as well.

I'm naturally head to toe in Collectif, Dolores Hibiscus Dress, and Katie Hibiscus Cardigan. The necklace is vintage from Shrewd. Sinead is wearing the Toxico Zombie Squad jacket I mentioned a little while, I have now ordered it too, in the hope that they still have some in stock, then we can be an actual squad :)

Whilst there, I also met the lovely Natalie from INFIprint (they go up to a 5XL!), and bought some awesome hoodies and t-shirts,  I was trying to make it up to the man flesh that I was getting inked and he wasn't, but unfortunately, I bought too smaller stuff, I still got some goodies though.

As expected, it was also completely impossible to walk past Kastaways, an official Iron Fist stockist, especially as I've wanted a bag for ages, and Perch who runs the store with his wife, is lovely, here is my purchase:

I do love it when a bag comes in a cool bag, I'm a sucker for these things!

As Sinead and I had been talking about getting a joint tattoo, we ended up returning to Will's stand, and got these awesome Sweet Vs Zombie cupcakes.

All in all, a pretty successful day, and I have Bournemouth Ink coming up next month, this time not for work, but only tattooing pleasure :)


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