Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rainy Saturday Outfit 2 Of The Day At Circus Fest

I have just returned from a very wet and windy journey home, after visiting Professor Vanessa's Wonder Show, part of Circus Fest held at the Roundhouse in Camden. To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but I had a fab time! The whole show is set around old style sideshows, such as "The Girl in the Fishbowl"(hilarious), "The Butterfly Girl" (weird), "The Mummy" (as Georgia said: "It's not a show until a small child cries") and so forth. These side shows were placed around a centre stage, which had regular acts itself, from aerial artists to what can only be described as bug acrobatics. Yes, thats people dressed as bugs being acrobatic. Rather weird, but definitely wonderful!

As I knew I'd be going out tonight, I decided, in my usual post-challenge ways, that I should just buy a new outfit (much to the man flesh's disapproval). So here's the beauty:

Unfortunately, you can't see the true beauty of the skirt (which cost me a fortune I can't REALLY justify), but it has a big black satin bow just below the bum, and some roushing (I'm really not entirely sure thats even a word), leading to a fishtail, which has a very light pink colour on the inside, courtesy of FairyGothmother. This I teamed with a Buttoned Blazer from Collectif, a plain strappy top, some lovely black wedges with pink flowers from Dolly Dare (more on those later), a black bandana, and a Dolly Cool necklace I got from RetroDec, one of my new favourite shops ( post on this also to follow, most likely tomorrow).

I LOVE the skirt!!!



  1. Flash is all I can say, you look gorgeous. I love those styled skirts.

  2. Unfortunately, I can take little credit, the skirts are just so flattering, but thank you nonetheless :)