Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Ruby Red Xmas

Being a very lucky girl, I didn't just get one Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick, but two!!! Exciting times!

I have read mixed reviews about this lipstick, but I love the colour and the mattness, and simply had to have it. Little did I know I'd receive it twice!

The main problem fellow bloggers, reviewers and vintage gals alike have complained about is the dryness of it. Well, it is dry, and in fairness on not perfectly moisturised lips its not ideal. Far from it. It seems to go a bit "bitty", not how I love my lipstick. But where there is a will, there is a way. Lipliner, non-glossy lipbalm (I use a cheapy Boots one), followed by my dear Ruby Woo, and some Lip Seal, and you are good to go! It may use colour on fags, glasses and such like, but lasts the majority of the day, with the amount of cigarettes and drinks I consume in a day, I expect nothing to last all day, but it lasts much longer than most!

Conclusion: I'm in love (and so so glad I got two, no running out anytime soon!)

The man friend (buyer no 1 of Ruby Woo Xmas Goodness) and I en route to Edinburgh, where we are still stuck, wearing Ruby Woo.


  1. It is a lovely colour - but I could just not get on with it AT ALL. Despite trying - it made me feel like crud. So I switched to Russian Red - which for some reason has the exact same staying power, but doesn't need all the other faff :)

    Happy New Year to you chicka!

  2. I remember you saying about that. Was it the texture? Haven't tried Russian Red, is it matte too?
    Happy new year and all that to you too doll :) x

  3. I'm also a Russian red girl, I didn't get on with Ruby Woo as you say mainly because of the texture. Russian red is matt, lasts and just seems to be a better all rounder.