Friday, 3 February 2012


Contrary to what Facebook may let you believe, I am actually horrible at having my picture taken. I usually pull a silly face or insane grin, just so I know I look silly, rather than being fooled into thinking my face is looking normal, just to be shocked with the end result.

But as the boy and I had our anniversary in January, and I spent what seemed like a lifetime making him a scrapbook of joy, I figured I should maybe add some nice pictures. Enter Lex from Rockabetty Studios. I'd previously met this lovely lady at the Collectif Spitalfields opening, so a few emails later, I had a photo shoot lined up. I ended up having to tell the boy I was having a photo shoot, seeing as me leaving with all my Collectif clothes and approximately 8 pairs of shoes did look a little suspect. But he was still pleasantly surprised :)

Usually a day of make-over goodness ensues, but being notoriously awkward at getting my make-up done (I blame the fact I am a trained Make-Up Artist, and thus very specific, especially about my own face), so I did my own, with some serious curling help from Lex in the hair department.

Though I pretty much daily attempt to rock the Rockabilly look, I actually felt like the 50s pin-up Rockabetty Studios promise to deliver. And I am mighty proud of the pictures (which I assure you is a first).

I'm already saving to get more pictures done :)

Such a brilliant day, it's not often you get to feel like a starlet, and Lex is brilliant at getting the best out of you, I think the pictures are proof of that!



  1. They look lovely! I'm thinking of saving up for my hen party...

  2. you should, when and if I get to that stage, this will be my first point of call :) x