Saturday, 12 May 2012


Last night, with the man flesh being at work, and me not having seen the flatmate properly in a while (I've been working nonstop and he's been writing his dissertation), we decided to chill out, watch a film (it always ends up being "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", and we always say the lines before it happens - majorly irritating to others), and I helped him sew on a patch onto his jacket (by helping I mean I did it).

As is usually the case when we hang out together, I end up with the urge of dying my hair (or bleaching his), especially so yesterday, seeing as I was already contemplating it. After a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing (we have established it is easier and quicker for me to decide to get a tattoo...make of that what you will), I decided I should be done. I have been blonde (and more recently with bits of black) for the best part of 6 months now, a record in my books, and my hair simply couldn't take the bleach anymore.

So, I said goodbye to the blonde mop...

Approximately 3 minutes into the dying, I got bored. So after applying some red dye, I decided enough was enough, and I'd see how it would turn out.  I really didn't get very far:

Yeah, that's right, I coloured the bit behind my fringe, and really didn't get much further than that. It's all about experimenting. So, I waited, another thing my patience runs out with very swiftly, and washed out the very limited amount of dye.

...and obviously decided the lunatic look was for me.

Here is the dry version, in my hair's natural form/style, though it's not one I ever leave the house with, again, lunacy prevailed:

It's the typical situation of the grass always being greener...I hate having such straight hair and spend far too much of my time curling it or finding other ways of changing what I've got. I have actually considered a perm, though I'm not even sure such things are available anymore.

Sadly, it being nighttime and all, you can't really see the colours, here's a little snapshot from today (with hair that is no longer straight):

Bathroom shots are terrible, but its the brightest light in the house. Some pinkness on show here, but at the back is where the magic truly happens (or something like that), and I can tell you, trying to take a picture of the back of your head is really bloody awkward.

Oh look, a bathtub.

I really have gone for quite a spectrum.

The man flesh hasn't seen this "beauty" yet, but I can hear him walking up the stairs, let's all hold our breath...


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