Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Blue Outfit & A Vintage Market

As if working at Collectif wasn't dangerous enough in terms of buying too many lovely things, every first Saturday of the month Judy's Vintage Fair sets up camp at Old Spitalfields Market, right outside the Collectif doors. Talk about cruel.

view of the market from the Collectif doors
Luckily, or unluckily, my haul today was only small, though having a browse through the many, many stalls wasn't any less enjoyable.

As is often the case with vintage, all the clothes and shoes I loved weren't in my size. Typical! Though it's probably a good thing wallet wise.

I did manage to get this lovely leather belt, as well as a knuckleduster style ring that matches my new thumb tattoos. Successful me thinks.

I was also randomly approached today to record a little "How to do a 50s look" for the Queen's Jubilee video. I did it. Made a complete fool out of myself, and didn't say anything I wanted to say. Naturally, I will of course link it once it's up, just for some all round enjoyment :)

...of course I also need to include today's outfit, it was a blue kind of day:

Yes, that is my morbidly obese frame in another Next dress, which I did originally buy for my non-rockabilly job, but I quite like it, hence today's wearage.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!


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  1. Give. Me. That. Ring. NOW. ha ha - it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!