Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Eyebrow High and Lows

I've been battling with my eyebrows, or more the lack of my eyebrows for a long time.

Only having the first part of the eyebrows (as well as random strays that grow in no particular order), which are, on top of that blonde, means I have been drawing on my eyebrows in one way or another for a long time. They change shape, colour and with that the look of my face.

Eyebrows are such an important part, they can make or break a look, they can make you look sad, evil, surprised, and so many people get it wrong.

Ever since going blonde, Ive been drawing on my eyebrows in a light brown with an eyebrow pencil. All well and good, but I always find this makes me look less made up, so, since I dyed my fringe black a while ago, I decided to go back to my black ways. Liquid eyeliner to be precise, and I quite like it:

Don't get me wrong, its neither subtle nor natural, but thats hardly the look I go for. The liquid eyeliner also allows a lot more precision, though colouring in can be a bit of a pain, I usually use regular eyeliner or gel liner, in desperate situations eyeshadow.

I like the way it opens my eyes, and do like the more severe look it gives. I think I may stick with this one for a while.

Of course, different people suit different eyebrows, and I don't recommend these for everyone, it's all about experimenting what suits you, grab a pen and find out!


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