Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Pretty Dress, A Fair and The Usual Stress - Part 1

Finally, after living in our new flat for over 3 weeks, we have the INTERNET. Oh yes, no more tiddly-taddly on my phone, straight up internet via a laptop. Exciting stuff! So from now on my posts will be far more frequent, and I am excited (and just can't hide it).

Let's go back to last week....

Saturday was lined up to be a bloody exciting day, not only did I have a really good reason for dressing up and attending the Antique Vs Vintage Fair - I even got press entry for this lovely little blog of mine, a first, and a proud one!

Of course I knew for weeks I was attending this event, but this, as is always the case, didn't mean I was prepared. I am the sort of person who packs a suitcase when I'm already running late for the airport (no joke, I practically packed my bag with no time to spare last year, even though I was going away for 8 months plus...) So, naturally, a couple of days before the fair I was stressing, not in a mild agitated kind of way, but veins popping on my forehead kind of way. As the manfriend (when you meet him you'll understand why boy just doesn't seem to cut it) only moved a few weeks ago I couldn't find anything, that teamed with the age old problem of having "nothing" to wear, turned my little popping vein into a separate person. An angry one. Luckily, as I now live in London, and am a mere 30mins away from Holloway Road, I finally had my Vivien of Holloway cherry popped. Oh the choice! I actually found a dress that matched my hair, which is difficult with the bizarre pink/red shade I'm currently sporting, but knowing my easily boredness, I decided against it. I did of course try on a black dress but who wants to be that predictable? Well, me actually. I may have not gone for black, but the very lovely lady at the shop brought over the dress that originally caught my eye....this one:

An absolutely gorgeous 50s reproduction full circle halterneck, with ANCHORS. Yes, a small obsession of mine (it's probably hard to see on the picture, but the shoes are Ironfist Wedges, with anchors - no excuse to buy new shoes, and I'm wearing an anchor necklace too - really it is an obsession). This dress is my pride and joy, and the petticoat I bought from Vivien too, its so comfy and soft! A big thank you also has to go to the two lovely ladies at Vivien of Holloway for enabling me to shop quickly and painlessly, matching belt and flower were both courtesy of them!

I will break this post up into two parts - gives you a chance to have a break, and me to look after my sick little kitties...back soon!



  1. Hey! The manfriend is advertising your blog on FB so I thought I would come and check it out. We haven't actually met but seeing as I don't know anyone else in real life who blogs it seemed a bit sad not to come check out your stuff :) I totally love your style, the pinky/red hair is such an amazing contrast with that blue dress. The Antique/Vintage fair sounds amazing, I wish more stuff like that happened up here. Say hey to Dannyboy for me xo

  2. Hey, thank you so much! Second part about the actual fair will follow later on today, so make sure you check back :) Assuming the sick kittens let me type without their help! (the word help being used very loosely). Hopefully we'll come up again soon, if I find any events up your end I'll let you know! xxx