Friday, 23 September 2011

A Pretty Dress, A Fair and The Usual Stress - Part 2

So...due to Kittens, Holidays (quite the chore I assure you), starting Uni (again), car accidents and other excuses that are, I'm sure, of no relevance to you, my brief break from my little blog creation somehow turned into a full blown hiatus. But, I am back. And to not waste any further time, I shall continue the last post I made. As said Antique Vs Vintage fair is now somewhat behind us, well the one I am writing about, consider this a pre-review, as TOMORROW another one will be taking place. I will once again be in attendance though this time I will be working, yes SHREWD (my co-owned part of Vintage Heaven) will be having a lovely little stand. Very exciting, and I'm very much looking forward to returning to the Antique Vs Vintage Fair. But I should really start at the beginning of that, as I haven't actually given you any information about said event.

And before I give you my pre-review, a little background information. Antique Vs Vintage is not in any way related to such things as Alien Vs Predator, however, for Vintage or indeed Antique lovers, it could conjure the same enjoyment as as the aforementioned to its target audience (I'm trying not to stereotype here..). Antique Vs Vintage is in fact a fair that provides two separate (yet in many ways connected) halls, one for Antiques, and you guessed it, one for Vintage items. This affair is run by the lovely Natasha and (I'm sure the equally lovely) Jonathan (sadly I didn't meet him last time, but hopefully tomorrow) an, in their own words "old-fashioned couple in their early-mid twenties" (a title I am still desperately clinging on to) who love antiques and vintage and are very kindly sharing their dream with us.

The lovely Natasha

But let's go back to the actual day...

Essentially, what was meant to be a fun day of fair fun turned into a trip in a car, a really long one. Instead of taking the train down to Ewell from London, as planned, I somehow dragged my dear Mummy in picking me up - she lives in Dorking, about 20mins away from Ewell. All well and good and should be accomplished in an hour each way. But oh no, the M25 and its evil ways struck again. Shocking. I must add, it wasn't due to complete lazyness that I asked her to come get me, but rather a series of events. Namely having just gotten kittens and them wanting to come play with me in the shower (awkward), washing my hair without thinking about the fact I wanted to roll and quiff (Rookie) and as per usual taking far too long to get ready. So, anyway, as opposed to arriving at Antique Vs Vintage at roughly 11/12 o'clock, we made it there for about 2...and I cant say we were in a great mood. This mood was lifted however, after collecting my press pack, and admittedly rushing straight for the vintage room and thus bypassing the antique room, we were greated by this view:

Not a great picture sadly, but you get the jist, vintage vintage vintage! And there was more than the picture really does it justice. Stalls and stalls of everything vintage, from costume jewellery, coats and shoes to a Victorian Sweet Shop and a stand to have yourself vintaged up with a little hair and/or make-up make-over - Heaven! I, of course had a good old browse and had to resist the pressing urges of purchasing, something or everything (it was difficult - heck that's an understatement), and had a little natter with not only the lovely Landgirl1980 but also the lovely ladies from the Rockabetty Stores:

I have to say, that was partially distracting, partially (if not almost entirely) unhelpful in terms of stopping me buying the whole fair dry, somehow, miraculously I managed to leave the fair without any vintage items and without that cute Cat Food bowl (you can just about see it above) from Rockabetty. It truly is a miracle, and thus just means more to purchase soon :)

I must add at this point, that to my shame, I only briefly visited the antique room, which was just as buzzing as the vintage section, due to my (somwhat self-inflicted) lack of time. Rest assured, next time I will make sure to take a closer look there too!

What can I say, apart from the fact that I wish I'd had more time, but tomorrow I will be there all day, breaking up my "hard" work with shopping, browsing and oohing and aaahing. I can't wait.

So, make sure you visit the fair! If you can't make it tomorrow (shame on you) here are the next lined up dates:

Saturday 29th October
Saturday 26th November
Saturday 10th December there really is no excuse not to come down to Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 1UF - less than half an hour by train from London Waterloo and only £2 entry for 6 hours (10am - 4pm) of Vintage and Antique Joy!


P.S. No more hiatus - promise :)

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