Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Rockintage - A Beginning, Mostly A Middle

I have wasted too much time thinking about starting a blog, too much time considering what I would write in it, and far too much time not doing it.

So, consider this the beginning. After much internal debate and some sheer inspiration and motivation by the great blogs that are out there, here it is, my own little version. Whether this lives up to my or your expectations, that does remain to be seen, but my all it will have.

A bit of background about me, the illusive blogger. (If I can call myself that, at this precise moment in time I am yet to publish anything...). I am 20-something, have just moved to London, if technically it isnt London at all, but thats besides the point and I am somewhat linked to Shrewd, a treasure trove of a vintage shop (located in Dorking, Surrey)- yes, yes, I am linked to it, thus I am biased. Of course I am, but that doesn't make it any less great, honest! And I love Rock music, I am equally open to many many types of it, and  equally very specific. Helpful, I know.

I have my "comfortable style" - which, frankly, is boring, whilst simultaneously being a bit rock, and a bit vintage, (Rockintage. Get it? Yeah it's lame, but I really am a Dad when it comes to jokes, so I'm afraid you'll have to bear with me. Do not fear, I don't expect full theatrical fake laughs - just a half-hearted smirk will be more than sufficient. Anywho...I'm sidetracking. Shocking. You'll get used to that too.) though not nearly enough, precisley what I am working on, which is where the other style comes in. The "not-so-comfortable style", is a kinda Rockabilly with actual vintage thrown in, with a twist of decades, tattoos, piercings, and pink hair. I must add, the pink hair was definitely accidentally. Red was the supposed outcome, neon pink was the result. I guess glowing in the dark is not necessarily the worst feature a girl can have - though entirely impractical when playing hide and seek.

So, that's a little and a lot about me, you now know me better whilst not knowing me at all. I will get there eventually. I do hear my bed calling, and knowing that a certain sense of satisfaction and achievement will hopefully wash over me (in a non-drowny kinda way),  I will answer the call, after all, I finally have my blog, and tomorrow there will be more. More about me, more about "Rockintage", it will continue, and hopefully be at least partly awesome.


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