Thursday, 14 July 2011

Curly Poof - A Success Story

For, what seems like a small eternity, my hairstyle of choice has been the quiff (from now on refered to as the poof, it can lead to confusion but for some reason, I really enjoy that word, no no, REALLY enjoy it). Not just because I like it, but because quite frankly, when it comes to hair I am as useless as a chocolate teapot (especially as I don't drink tea), that coupled with hair that frankly does not want to do what I want to do (and as previously mentioned is currently pink as opposed to the desired red) - makes a poof an easy option.

That said, and I am in no way, shape or form cheating on my beloved poof, I've always wanted to do more, and I certainly wanted something a bit more "interesting", a bit more vintage and a bit more rock 'n roll. Having met the lovely Landgirl1980 (who, by the way has an awesome blog, anyone interested in the 1940s should definitely check it out) a week or so ago, and her having hair I'm so jealous off I may turn into a much smaller version of the Hulk (I'm only 5'3 - realistically that can't stretch to regular Hulk proportions), I asked the lovely lady for some help to achieve a curly poof, the bigger the better, because it truly is what you do with it. I can now confirm, that although still on the small side, we have hair lift off.

Day 1 - not a bad attempt, consider my previous failings (not in life obviously)

Day 2 - Excuse the 12 year old scared weirdo expression, but this is today, a little bigger, and the Kirby grip hiding has improved

And the big secret, the thing I didn't know and the reason I couldn't previously achieve the curly poof??? I'm a little embarrassed at how simple it is... Take the hair and roll it around something, e.g. Mascara tube, or for the second attempt it was my foundation (I highly doubt this would work with Foundation that comes in anything non-cylindrical, but you get the jist). Previously I'd struggle to try and get somesort of curl to form around my finger, hopeless, in my case anyway. The recomendation given was to use a little mousse whilst doing it, to set the curl and to make it easier to work with. Being unprepared at all times I didnt have any mousse, but the wonderment that is Dry Shampoo (oh there will be an entire entry about this soon - I adore it) and enough hairspray to collapse many an atmosphere also did the trick.

I am still on a one woman mission to get the curly poof bigger and better and to take it to new dizzying heights, as and when I achieve this, it'll all be right here!!!!

Oh, and of course there will be an update as to whether the crazy height I desire will be achieved in time to the Antique Vs Vintage Fair in Ewell on the 23rd July, if not, you'll find me picking the brain of the Beauty Parlour Stylist!

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